Meta to roll out Discord-Like Facebook Live Audio Rooms soon

Facebook live audio rooms are finally coming to the Meta platform. The social networking platform has finally decided to capitalize on the use of audio rooms, a feature that has gained more popularity during the pandemic. The social media giant will soon roll out Discord-like audio chat rooms.

In a recent blog post, Facebook announced that it is working to enhance the quality of audio calls in groups. Discord-like live audio rooms are under test that will allow a group member to start a group live audio chat. For now, the audio chat in groups is limited to only one-time chat. With the update of the chat option, members of the group can connect to an audio room at any time, similar to Discord.

This test is organized to improve live audio rooms in groups and is the only update that Facebook is working on testing. Their social network is testing some other ways that will allow the formation of sub-groups within the groups. This feature will allow the users with a separate space where users can discuss the topic of discussion. There will be another update of the community chat channel, with which all the discussions on a specific topic will convert to a thread. The community chat channel will organize the group chats. 

Facebook is testing another sidebar update that will allow the user to access the group chat easily and create new chat channels using shortcuts. The update of the community-based channel will create ease in organizing topic-based channels within a chat group. 

All the changes and updates are under testing by Facebook. They are not available for users now, but hopefully, after successfully conducting these tests, users will be required to update their applications to access these updates. 

Facebook is trying considerable changes to the design of its application that will be seen in user feeds. AI recommendations are expected instead of present social graphs. The slide bar will make it easy to access the groups. Thus, we can say that this time design of groups, chats, channels, and sub-groups is the main focus of change in the Facebook application.