Floods cause over Rs. 17 billion in the Telecom Sector

The telecom sector has suffered over Rs. 17 billion in losses to its infrastructure and equipment due to the recent floods in the country.

As per sources, Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) asked all the telecom operators to report the losses during the flood. PTA then sent the damaged data to the Ministry of IT and Telecommunication.

According to the report, the sector has suffered an overall Rs. 17,274.34 million losses during recent floods. Jazz lost a total of Rs.7,540 million, which is much higher than other service providers. Zong, Wateen Telecom, and Ufone lost Rs 861.3 million, Rs. 672 million, and Rs. 469 million, respectively.

The PTCL faced Rs. 2,283.84 million in losses, while Telenor lost Rs. 5,448 million.

The network operators experienced this loss in terms of towers, equipment, optical fiber cable, access network, etc. Stagnant rainfall from floods has also damaged other equipment like cables, generators, and routers. And due to the closure of telecom facilities and networks in flood-affected areas, operators also incurred revenue losses.

According to the Ministry of IT & Telecom, floods affected over 3,800 telecom sites, but all these facilities have been restored.

After thoroughly evaluating the report, the Ministry of IT will decide on repayments and reimbursements for telecom companies that have faced massive losses in the floods.