Khudi ventures launched Pakistan’s First matrimonial App ‘Dil ka Rishta’

Khudi Ventures has recently launched Pakistan’s first matrimonial app – Dil Ka Rishta- designed to provide a safe environment where an AI-based recommendation engine finds the most suitable matches while upholding the privacy of all parties

Within one week of its launch, it has garnered over 4.5 Million profile views, and over 29,000 matches have already been made through Dil Ka Rishta. 

“Dil ka Rishta tackles Pakistan’s toxic Rishta culture, which limits girls and their families to a select group of Rishta aunties in search of a compatible matching. They are frequently compelled to host dozens of oddball guests’ one tea trolley at a time. Eventually, they will only have a 30-minute meeting before they must choose someone.” 

Umar Saif, CEO of Khudi Ventures, said, “Our field teams personally verify everyone who makes a profile; boys and girls can use the app directly to make their profile or ask a family member or a registered marriage bureau to manage their profile on their behalf. Only boys above 23 years are allowed to use the matrimonial app.”

“The whole experience is designed to enable a secure, safe, and truth-worthy environment for the girls to find a suitable match beyond cousin marriages and tea trolleys,” he added. 

He further claimed that over 20 Million Pakistanis are waiting to get married but cannot find a good match. Cousin marriages in Pakistan have led to one of the highest genetic disorders in Pakistan (with 19 recessive genes in our population).

So, If you are looking for a safe & secure online option to find your true match, Dil ka Rishta has got you covered!

Download the link below.