TikTok launched a BeReal lookalike feature called ” TikTok Now”

TikTok launched its own BeReal clone, “TikTok Now,” last month. The new feature “invites you and your friends to capture what you’re doing at the moment using the front and back cameras on your device.”

TikTok, like BeReal, sends out a notification once a day and allows users three minutes to post a photo or video (BeReal gives two minutes). And just like the emerging BeReal, users can’t see what their friends have posted until they share their own. TikTok adds a 10-second video feature, whereas BeReal only allows still images, but the two are nearly identical in every other way.

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TikTok first launched it for United States users, but in the following days, it gained traction outside the US.

Tiktok is not the only app that has tried to capitalize on BeReal’s popularity; Instagram is also testing its very own clone, and Snapchat recently launched a dual camera feature.

BeReal has captivated users as a kind of anti-social media social media platform while remaining relatively more basic than other apps. Other platforms are experimenting to see if they can do it better.

The Now tab appears next to users’ For You pages in US versions of the TikTok app. TikTok hinted that it might spin off into a standalone app in regions other than the US when it announced the Now feature. The company stated that it would be testing Now in the coming weeks.