Twitter is Testing a New Privacy Feature to Restrict Mentions

Twitter is testing yet another privacy feature that will allow users to control who can mention them on the platform with a simple toggle. The new option would enable you to either stop people from mentioning your @handle or limit mentions to only those you follow on Twitter.

With the new feature, Users would have the access and control to either disable the feature for @mentions or restrict mentions to only the accounts they follow.

The micro-blogging site allows users to communicate with the masses by mentioning them. This feature can, however, be abused because it is available to all users. So, Twitter is planning to let users decide who can mention them on the site, to assist users in defending themselves against abuse beyond the existing anti-abuse features.

App researcher, Jane Manchun Wong, shared a screenshot of the new privacy feature Twitter is experimenting with to give users more control over their tweets. The new feature would let users limit mentions to people they follow or turn off @mentions altogether. Of course, you would still have the option to allow anyone to mention you, which is how Twitter currently operates.

Interestingly, Twitter privacy designer Dominic Camozzi previously acknowledged that this feature was under development. The tweet was later removed, according to The Verge.

The roll-out of the new privacy feature is still unknown. Though According to TechCrunch, Twitter declined to comment about the potential change saying, “the firm had nothing to disclose at this time.”