Instagram fixes bug that told millions that accounts were suspended

Instagram said on Monday that it had fixed the bugs that prevented millions from accessing their accounts. During the outage, Instagram locked users out and informed many of them that they have suspended their accounts on October 31, 2022.”

“We’ve resolved this bug now- it was causing people in different parts of the world to have issues accessing their accounts and caused a temporary change for some in the number of followers,” Instagram wrote on Twitter. Adam Mosseri, who heads up Instagram, also apologized for the sudden outage.

According to Reuters, the outage-tracking website Downdetector reported over 7,000 complaints right around the time Instagram confirmed the issue, but the number declined over the day.
Some users on Twitter reported that they noticed a drop in follower counts as their followers’ accounts appeared to be suspended.

Reportedly, even the most followed star on Instagram, Cristiano Ronaldo, appeared to have lost 3 million followers from 493 million at around 10:15 AM ET. But now the number is back up to 493 million. Instagram’s primary account was also down by over a million followers.

Instagram’s spokesperson declined to comment on the sudden suspension of thousands of accounts but did apologize for the inconvenience and state that they have fixed the bug.

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