Pakistan to launch 5G technology by July 2023: IT minister

Syed Aminul Haque, Federal Minister for IT & Communication, announced on Thursday that the local manufacturing of mobile phones has started in Pakistan and the country has now planned to launch its 5G technology by July 2023.

When discussing the massive growth of the IT industry, the minister stated that while other industries were suffering from growth stunts, IT was always afloat. He stated that the IT industry grew by nearly 47.44% during a period when almost all other industries in Pakistan grew by only 1 or 2%.

Minister Amin ul Haque shared the news while attending the UBIT Career Fest 2022 as a chief guest. More than 30 software companies took part in the career fest, which was organized by the Department of Computer Science at the University of Karachi.

The minister stated that future needs could be met through collaboration between IT industries and universities. He revealed that $75 million was set aside for start-ups in 2019-20, with the amount increasing to $373 million the following year.

The minister acknowledged that a large number of female students were enrolled in computer science programs at various universities and expressed his appreciation for their contribution in this area.

Moreover, he said, “When I took over the ministry, our exports were 1.4 billion dollars. Today, they are 2.6 billion dollars, with a target of 5 billion.”

“There is no lack of intelligence and creative thinking among our youth, but it is necessary to support them and provide facilities to implement their creative thinking and creations,” he added.

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