Twitter halts its $8 blue check after imposter accounts erupt

Twitter suspended its recently announced $8 blue check subscription service on Friday- after the social media platform was flooded by a wave of approved impostor accounts.

The latest move caps a chaotic start for the new subscription service, one of Elon Musk’s first major changes since taking over the company two weeks ago.

On Thursday, fake “verified” accounts in the names of politicians, celebrities, major organizations, and businesses began to appear on the platform.

Though Twitter suspended many of them, but the company’s inconsistent attempts to address the issue added to the confusion.

Prior to his $44 billion purchase of the company, the platform granted “blue checks” to celebrities and journalists verified by the platform. Now with the new move, anyone with a phone, a credit card, and $8 a month can now get one.

Experts had previously warned that Twitter’s new Blue-tick service, would be quickly exploited by scammers, eroding trust in the platform.

One of the most disruptive accounts impersonated US pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly, and declared “insulin is free now”.

A Twitter account impersonating pharmaceutical giant Eli Lilly tweeted, “we are excited to announce insulin is free now,” it caused quite a stir.

The tweet remained on the social media platform for several hours before being removed. “We apologize to those who have been served a misleading message from a fake Lilly account,” the real Eli Lilly account later tweeted.

Following the false message, the stock price of Eli Lilly plummeted, as did that of other pharmaceutical companies, including AbbVie due to the same reason.

Twitter suspended blue-tick

Following the chaos, Musk On Thursday tweeted that “too many corrupt legacy Blue ‘verification’ checkmarks exist, so no choice but to remove legacy Blue in coming months.”

Twitter Blue was not available on the platform’s online version. Twitter has also labeled some prominent accounts with grey “official” labels.

As of now, it is still unclear how Mr. Musk and his newly acquired platform plan to address the issue of blue tick impersonations in the long run.