Author: Anum Tariq

Apple Releases watchOS 4, tvOS 11

Apple Releases WatchOS 4, tvOS 11

Apple watch brings some new exciting features as the new update WatchOS 4brings a bunch of new additions and enhancements. The new update brings three new watch faces: Toy Story and a Siri watch face that features a proactive timeline. It will show new and relevant information as the machine learning algorithm adapts to the user’s habits.Playing controls during a workout.

Top 5 features of IphoneX

The Top 5 features of iPhone X

All iPhone fans were waiting for the event held on 12th Sept 2017 eagerly because iPhone X was about to unveil on this day.People were trying to find clues about the exciting new features and there were a lot of rumors making it so impressive as if it would have if everything announced on Tuesday had been a surprise.Here are top features of iPhone X that blew people away.