Awami Markaz Islamabad fire

Awami Markaz Islamabad fire losses estimated to be 250 million

Awami Markaz Islamabad fire incident is a tragedy that has caused serious damage. Awami Markaz, a six story building located in Islamabad’s red zone area caught fire taking away the life of two, on Sunday. As a result of the incident, a loss worth 250 million PKR has been recorded.

stolen and illegal phones

PTA to establish systems to cope with stolen and illegal phones

Stolen and illegal phones are used throughout the country and for the control of that Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has notified ‘Mobile Devices Identification, Registration and Blocking Regulations, 2017’. It is to ensure that no duplicate or non-identified mobile phones are in use.

TrashIT wins the She loves Tech Global Startup Challenge

TrashIT wins the She loves Tech Global Startup Challenge

Circle introduced a competition “She loves Tech Pakistan” which is a global initiative empowering women in the fields of technology, entrepreneurship, innovation and aims to create opportunities for women throughout the world. It consists of an annual global startup competition and international conference series.

Quora discontinues email subscriptions

Quora Depreciates Topic Based Email Subscriptions

World’s leading Q&A website Quora is discontinuing email subscriptions to topics. The feature allowed users to subscribe to topics and get notified via email about questions being asked on that topic page.