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Apple Releases watchOS 4, tvOS 11

Apple Releases WatchOS 4, tvOS 11

Apple watch brings some new exciting features as the new update WatchOS 4brings a bunch of new additions and enhancements. The new update brings three new watch faces: Toy Story and a Siri watch face that features a proactive timeline. It will show new and relevant information as the machine learning algorithm adapts to the user’s habits.Playing controls during a workout.

Top 5 features of IphoneX

The Top 5 features of iPhone X

All iPhone fans were waiting for the event held on 12th Sept 2017 eagerly because iPhone X was about to unveil on this day.People were trying to find clues about the exciting new features and there were a lot of rumors making it so impressive as if it would have if everything announced on Tuesday had been a surprise.Here are top features of iPhone X that blew people away.

iPhone 7

The 3 most Notable Features of iPhone 7

With every new release of an Apple’s product, the company ensured that this one is going to be best so far in the smartphone world. So is the case with iPhone 7 which has come up with the best features and specs which are believed to be not previously present in any of the Smartphone’s available in the market.