The 3 most Notable Features of iPhone 7

With every new release of an Apple’s product, the company ensured that this one is going to be best so far in the smartphone world. So is the case with iPhone 7 which has come up with the best features and specs which are believed to be not previously present in any of the Smartphone’s available in the market.

With other capabilities, three of the most remarkable features of iPhone 7 are believed to be the waterproof ability, two cameras at the back and the most unbelievable is the removal of headphone jack from the phone.

Due to the waterproof ability, it is fully able to withstand water. Having tested against the Ingress Protection (IP) standard, the iPhone 7 is believed to be fully dust proof and fine with water as shallow as 15 centimeters and as deep as one meter but leaving it submerged in a water level more than 3 feet can prove harmful. Moreover, after the phone is taken out from the water, the speakers are expected to take a while to function properly again. Apple claims that the water resistance ability of the phone is not a permanent feature and with more exposure to water the phone is likely to become less water resistant. Apple also does not cover the damage caused due to water under its warranty.

The camera of iPhone 7 is buckled with optical image stabilization feature which helps in preventing the quality of photo due to shaking of hand. The IPhone7 is providing users with two back cameras with which users are able to take pro-look photos matching the quality of usual SLR high quality cameras thereby blurring the background and enhancing the focus on major object.

The headphone jacks are now no more a part of iPhone series instead they are provided with lightning ports and every functionality previously provided with headphone jacks is now made available through these lightning ports.