PATARI – a solution to all our Pakistani music streaming woes

With the emerging trend of startups and entrepreneurial culture in Pakistan, a lot of young and fresh talent has come up with a lot of work worth admirable. These startups are a great platform for all those aspiring people who are always inquisitive in experimenting. They are a mean of shaping ideas into reality.

With most startups based on technological solutions, PATARI-an online music streaming platform happens to be a game changer in the field of music having the quality of services meeting international music streaming sites such as SoundCloud, Pandora, Spotify and others like them.

PATARI was launched initially in early 2015 with a collection of 20000 tracks and 600 artists and was fully funded by the core team consisting of 4 members. In a time period of two years, PATARI has become the biggest music provider in Pakistan so far. Unlike any other music streaming platform, PATARI is making payments to all the artists who sign up agreements with them. The site has gone viral since the time it has evolved and it has been able to make the most massive campaigns on social media sites.

PATARI aims to revive the music industry by providing a large volume of Pakistani music tracks from possibly all the past eras. It is also proving an opportunity to all the upcoming artists and bands to showcase their talent through their platform thus making the availability of latest music possible. With its remarkable services PATARI has been able to gain a funding of $200,000 from an investment firm Sarmayacar and is currently been incubated at Plan 9(Pakistan’s largest technology incubator) and all these achievements have been made with just the beta version of website. It is likely to achieve much more once it’s more stable structure comes out. In order to survive in this immensely competitive world, the first and foremost thing that PATARI needs to do is to define a well-formed business model and to fight against all the piracy issues.