Quora Depreciates Topic Based Email Subscriptions

World’s leading Q&A website Quora discontinues email subscriptions to topics. The feature allowed users to subscribe to topics and get notified via email about questions being asked on that topic page.

“The feature isn’t working correctly and fixing it is not on our immediate roadmap. As an alternative, you can see the full list of questions for a given topic on a topic page by clicking on the question count, which will take you to a list of all the questions added to that topic ordered by recency.” says Quora in a newsletter sent to its subscribers.

Email subscriptions to topics was an important way to keep an eye on the topics that mattered the most to users. The discontinuation of the feature will surely affect users who have schedule Q/A sessions based on the email alerts.

The alerts will still be visible on Quora’s integrated notification system. At the same time, it’s just matter of time that a productivity tool is made available as a browser extension.

If This Then That (IFFT) also allows certain recipes for a number of social networking websites and gadgets. Quora recipes are still to make their way to this platform.