Youtube is Finally Back in Pakistan after a 4-Year Ban

Youtube is Finally Unblocked in Pakistan after a 4-Year Ban

Youtube, the world’s largest video-sharing website, is now available in Pakistan after about 4 years of ban. In 2012, the Lahore High Court had issued the ban orders upon Youtube’s failure to remove controversial content which led to ban on the website on all ISPs across Pakistan.

Nexflix Now Available in 190 Countries Including Pakistan

Nexflix Now Available in 190 Countries Including Pakistan

Ever heard of “Netflix and Chill” but you couldn’t relate to it? Or if you could, you still felt incomplete for not being able to enjoy it? Well, your miseries are over. Netflix is now available in more that 190 countries, Pakistan being one of them.

Internet Speed in Pakistan

Internet Speed Across Pakistan Goes Down Due to Fault in Submarine Cables

A new fault in SEAMEWE4 and IMEW, the submarine cables that connects Pakistan to the rest of internet, has caused tremendous speed reduction across the country. One fault was spotted in the SMW4 cable located near Karachi while another in the IMEW near Egypt. Both faults resulted in slower internet speeds across Pakistan. The fault has affected both the landline and 3G/4G users.

My Ramadan Companion by Google

Google Launches My Ramadan Companion for Global Muslims

Google has launched a new service for the global Muslim community under its With Google campaign called “My Ramadan Companion”. The service, which is accessible worldwide through a website, gives personalized information depending on your location.