Internet Speed Across Pakistan Goes Down Due to Fault in Submarine Cables

A new fault in SEAMEWE4 and IMEWE, the submarine cables that connect Pakistan to the rest of internet, has caused tremendous speed reduction across the country. One fault was spotted in the SMW4 cable located near Karachi while another in the IMEWE near Egypt. Both faults resulted in slower internet speeds across Pakistan. The fault has affected both the landline and 3G/4G users.

A loss of 288 Gbps, out of the total 360 Gbps bandwidth that Pakistan receives, is currently being faced while work is underway to fix both faulty cables.

The South East Asia-Middle East-West Europe 4 (SEAMEWE4) also written in short as SMW4, is a next generation submarine cable system linking South East Asia to Europe via the Indian Sub-Continent and Middle East. The project aims to take these regions to the forefront of global communication by significantly increasing the bandwidth and global connectivity of users along its route between Singapore and France. – Source

South East Asia Middle East Western Europe 4 (SEMEWE4)

South East Asia Middle East Western Europe 4 (SEMEWE4) that connects Pakistan to the rest of internet.

India-Middle East-Western Europe (IMEWE) submarine cable is an ultra high capacity fiber optic submarine cable system which links India & Europe via Middle East.This 3 fiber pair system with total length of approx. 12,091km is well complemented with 09 teminal stations forming a consortium of 09 leading telecom carriers from 08 countries. – Source:

      IMEWE (India-Middle East-Western Europe)

Route for IMEWE (India-Middle East-Western Europe) that connects Pakistan to the rest of internet.

Pakistan Telecommunications Company Limited, which is the leading ISP in Pakistan, has announced in a press release that it is taking immediate steps to solve this issue.

The International submarine cable SEA-ME-WE 4 has experienced a fault in Arabian Sea, impacting internet services in the region including Pakistan.

The restoration work has been initiated by the international consortium that manages the submarine cable systems.

Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) by virtue of its investments in diversified International Submarine Cable systems, has already undertaken necessary measures to provide internet connectivity to its customers across Pakistan.  However, due to the fault in this undersea cable, the internet users may experience slow browsing during this period.

The company regrets any inconvenience caused to its valuable customers during this restoration period. PTCL customers can contact helpline 1236 for further information

This is not the first time Pakistan has faced such slow internet speed. In the past, the country was plunged to low bandwidth transfers due to damaged undersea and submarine cables.

Pakistan has a huge internet userbase and it’s ranked among top ten online work forces in the world. It is certain that bloggers, freelancer and many internet based business are going to get affected.

The IMEWE cable is going to take a day or two to get repaired while SEMEWE4 will take at least a week to get fully functional.