Samsung Galaxy S8 to use the Y-OCTA Display Technology

The doomed Samsung Galaxy S7 came up in the markets with certain flaunting specs and features; one of which was the Y-OCTA Display Technology which resulted in ultra thin screen display and reducing the cost of production too. Galaxy S7 was defunct due to its certain battery issues.

Now, as the release of flagship Samsung Galaxy S8 is around the corner, the Smartphone is expected to possess latest technology trends and the Y-OCTA technology will make its comeback with the release of this phone model.

As Samsung is a pioneer in display technologies, the origin of Y-OCTA technology undoubtedly justifies it. In the Y-OCTA technology, a separate film is added to curved-display devices, with the glass going on top of it. Y-OCTA enables touch sensors to be attached to the display during the manufacturing process. The display, along with the touch sensors, goes in as a single piece.

It makes the process a lot more efficient and cuts down the overall cost of manufacturing displays as well. Displays can be made thinner with this technology, enabling a slimmer phone design.

The Galaxy S8 will be having two variants; Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus. The Y-OCTA display will be appearing in the S8 model which has a screen size of 5.7-inch Quad and HD Super AMOLED display embedded with fingerprint sensor. S8 Plus will be having a larger 6.2-inch Quad HD Super AMOLED screen.